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Denied Social Security Disability, what do I do Now!

Posted on March 28, 2016 at 8:35 PM

Delia Parker-Mims, Attorney at Law


If you have been denied Social Security Disability Benefits, the first thing you should do is timely send in your appeal for Reconsideration. The next thing you shoul do is immediately contact an attorney who practices in the area of Social Security Disability (SSD).


Did you know 70% of applications are denied at the initial stage. Unfortunately, even more applications are denied at the first level of appeal, called the “Reconsideration Stage”. But the good news is that the national average rate of approval at the administrative hearing is 65%. That means your chances of being approved improve exponentially at this level, which is generally the level you are represented by an attorney.


The other good news is that it does not cost you anything to hire a SSD attorney. Attorneys are not paid unless you win. Further, the social security administration regulates the fees and has set it at 25% of past due benefits up to a maximum of $6000. Past due benefits are the monthly award you would have received had you been approved at the initial application. You can hire an attorney at any level of appeal. There are 5 stages of the application process.


1. Initial Application

2. Reconsideration

3. ALJ Hearing

4. Appeals Council

5. Federal Court


In general, there is a 60-day time limit in which to appeal a denial at any of these stages. It is imperative to timely file your appeal or risk having to start the process over, possibly loosing months of past due benefits.


If you been denied Social Security Disability Benefits, timely file your appeal then hire an attorney. It doesn’t cost you anything and it improves your chances of being approved.



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